UV Lamp for Curing GALAXY UV2000-1 Red 36W

  • Code: 20159
UV Lamp for Curing GALAXY UV2000-1 Red 36W

UV Lamp for Curing GALAXY UV2000-1 Red 36W

  • Code: 20159
4.190,00 RSD

4.190,00 RSD


GALAXY UV2000 professional lamp is designed for curing UV products.

The design of the replaceable bottom lamp makes it suitable for manicure and pedicure treatments.

The lamp uses energy-efficient UV lamps, which enable fast and complete curing of UV products, without any odors.


It is designed for curing:

  • UV building gels
  • UV colored gels
  • UV permanent varnishes
  • UV end layers (matte or shiny)
  • Like other UV products


  • Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
  • Power: 36W (4x9W)
  • Neon type: DC (also supports 6W and 9W UV / 6W LEDs)
  • Timer: 120 seconds / 180 seconds / Infinite (∞)
  • Dimensions: 240 mm x 220 mm x 100 mm
  • Color: Red  

UV Bulbs that match the lamp:

  • ASN9WT  (9W- DC)   
  • UV9W (9W - DC)   
  • UV2000 BULB (9W - DC)   

Check whether the main voltage suits the operational regime marked on the device and plug the device into the electrical socket. After plugging the device in, turn the “POWER” switch to the “ON” position in order to activate the device.


Once the device has been activated, set the timer to the required operation length (120 sec / 180 sec / infinite ∞), then activate the lamps by pressing the “TIMER START” button.
When the chosen operation time expires, the lamps will stop being operational. When the timer is set to infinite (∞), the lamps will be constantly operational until the “POWER” switch is turned to “OFF”. After the treatment is complete, move the “POWER” switch to the “OFF” position and unplug the device from the electrical socket.


During the LED lamp operational mode, LED products can be cured. It is necessary to turn the “POWER” switch to the “ON” position and choose one of the available operation time options by using the designated timer button.

Make sure to keep track of the time necessary for individual product curing.
The required curing time is stated on the LED  curable product packaging and is usually shorter than 120 seconds.
Therefore, after the stated polymerization time expires, it may be necessary to stop the operation of the LED lights by turning the “POWER” switch to the “OFF” position.