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Super Digital Permanent makeup Device BMX P300

  • Code: 33522

The Permanent Makeup Machine Multi-functions for eyebrow/eyeliner micro pigmentation and skin management such as skin tightening, Cure acne scar & wound healing, Improve wrinkles and fine lines. The tattoo pen uses our BIOMASER BRAND unique screw cartridge needles.

This machine can be used without food pedal and also our package do not include foot pedal.
The Semi Permanent Makeup Machine features a dual liner and shade output that can be switched with the press of a button. Hook up your favorite liner and shade and run them without having to switch out cables and reset.
This Permanent Makeup Machine Device is designed for everyone who ready to start learning permanent makeup for eyebrow, eyeliner and lip counter.



Characteristics P300:

  • Power Supply output: max.12V, 200NPS
  • Power Supply input: 90-240V
  • Power Supply Body: plastic
  • Power Supply Size: 16.8*9.8*5cm
  • PEN Speed: max.10000 RPM
  • PEN Input: max. 12v
  • PEN Motor: coreless motor
  • PEN Body: Aluminum
  • Needle: BMX screw Cartridge Needles

Made in China.

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  • Press "Power" to switch on the device
  • Press "A/B" for 3 second to choose operation A/B
  • Press "A/B" slightly to choose operation style "Brow, Eye, Lip, Medical"
  • Press "START" to start or stop