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Natural Weft Hair Extension SHE 50-60cm

1001 Very Light Platinum Blonde
  • Code: 05823

The hair extension technique using weft hair has been popular for quite some time. They are made with a band of weft hair and applied to the clients head to achieve any style they desire. This is a semi-permanent technique, therefore it is necessary that the hair does not tangle, fall out or loose color.



  • Length: 50/60 cm
  • Weight: 100 gr
  • Width: 130 cm

Note: Due to variety of devices and display calibration, the color presented on the screen may slightly differ from the real color shade.

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  • Weft hair extensions are created solely for professional use

  • Weft hair is made by a professional (hair dresser), to satisfy needs and desires of a client (weft is cut to desired width and clips are attached)

  • Weft hair extensions are attached onto clean, dry and blowdried hair, which can later be styled as desired

  • Weft hair extensions should be taken care of using specialized products for hair extensions

  • It can be used, attached and removed countless times, depending on the client's needs, but it must be properly taken care of

  • Hair maintenance is a must

  • Considering that hair extensions are not "living hair", it needs daily care and detangling (in case the hair tangles and
    has knots, it is considered to be the result of inadequate care)

  • Hair extensions must be washed and conditioned regularly,  using adequate cosmetics

  • Hair must be cleaned using gentle moves, without rubbing and removed from the client's head

  • Daily detangling is necessary, using brushes especially made for hair extensions

  • Hair detangling must be done in parts, starting from the ends

  • Hair is combed, section by section, minding the attachments (attachment of client's hair with weft clips must not be combed)

  • In case the hair gets tangles, it is necessary to remove it and gently detangle in small sections, to avoid hair breakage

  • SHE weft hair extensions can by dyed, to make it look blended with client's hair colour (maximum 2 tones different)

  • Lightest shades must not be additionally lightened