Nail File TURC3 100/100

  • Code: 01939

Nail File TURC3 100/100

  • Code: 01939
60,00 RSD

60,00 RSD


Professional, specially designed nail file for easy and even shaping natural nails, as well as nails in gel or acryl technique. Created with flexible core for easier usage.



  • Length: 176 mm
  • Width: 20 mm  
  • Granulation: 100/100
  • Color: Black
  • Fine nail file
  • For preparing natural nails for applying gel or acryl, prior to applying colour gel or top coat
  • Nail file shape: Flat

Nail preparation

  • Natural nail file with side 180 
  • In one end
  • Clean the nail with a brush dust towel
  • Apply the gel to the nail plate

Formation of gel or acrylic

  • Nails made in gel technique is fixed with Cleanser
  • Let the nail made in acrylic make it dry in the air
  • With file side 100 creates a nail from the side pages to the center
  • Finish nail file with 180 granulation
  • Clean the nail with a brush dust towel
  • Apply a color gel to a treated nail, a permanent lacquer or gloss finish
  • Cellulose
  • Plastic
  • SIO2