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Nail Crystals SWAROVSKI A 2058 Xilion Rose Enhanced SS5 Crystal 40pcs

  • Code: 25979

Swarovski has the leading edge when it comes to product innovations. With their virtually limitless application possibilities, crystals are one of today’s most exciting, versatile and attractive means for transforming nails into one-of-a-kind sparkling personality pieces. Often imitated but never equaled, Swarovski offers the world‘s most brilliant and perfect crystals. Cutting edge technology brings the ultimate level of brilliance with the broadest light distribution and most intense luminosity – far ahead of competition. Widest range of shapes and cuts, sizes, colors and effects: Swarovski crystals have a large variety of sophisticated shapes and cuts and a wide range of colors and effects, including the latest trend colors. Its colorful assortment comprises more than 80 colors and effects in different sizes!  Rich in color, these crystals possess unrivaled brilliance and exceptional durabiliy.


Size: SS5 (1.70 - 1.90 mm)

Shape: A 2058 - XILION Rose Enhanced

Color: Crystal

Pack: 40 pcs

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Crystals are used in nail art