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French Manicure Dip Powder TruDIP EZFLOW 56g

  • Code: 25552

This simple and easy application process requires no sculpting and minimal filing for a quick, precise acrylic manicure.

Offering shades in French Pink, French White and Clear shades, this odorless system provides a comfortable and convenient salon experience.

Finished nails are lightweight and durable, with a glossy finish.

The system removes easily with a 10-minute soak. 

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  • File the nail with a 180/180 granulation file
  • Clean dust from the nail with a manicure brush
  • Dehydrate the nail plate Ez Bond
  • Apply a base for TruDip on a prepared nail (1 step)
  • Put aTruDip powder into the bowl and immerse the nail on which the base was previously applied
  • Clean dust from the nail with a brush
  • Repeat procedure (base + powder)
  • Clean the nail with a brush
  • Slip the nail with the activator (2 step)
  • Wait a few secons and shape a nail with a 180/180 granulation file
  • Repeat Procedure (Activator)
  • Apply final gloss (3 step)
  • Dry in UV/LED lamps
  • Massage oil for cutters