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Depilation Strips ROIAL White 50pcs

  • Code: 04341

These professional non woven disposable waxing strips measure 7 X 20 cm. This makes it ideal to use on body and arms. The high quality material used make the product highly resistant to tears, it doesn't get soaked with wax and it is highly comfortable for both the beautician and the client.



  • 50 strips
  • Lenght: 20 cm
  • Width: 7 cm

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  • Clean the area you want to wax, then dry it with the help of a towel
  • Use a waxing spatula to get the desired amount of wax from a pre-heated wax pot (check the temperature is OK to avoid burning your skin)
  • Spread applying it in the direction hair grows
  • Cover the area with the waxing strip (press hard) and pull it in the opposite direction the hair grows (help yourself holding the skin tight with the other hand)
  • Clean the area of any wax leftover