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Alexandar Cosmetics

Furniture and salon equipment 2015/2016

The quality you are used to in a modern and innovative design. The latest models of equipment for hairdressing, beauty salons and tattoo studios are waiting for you in the new catalog.

Alexandar Cosmetics

Gena Catalogue 2014

Brand that takes care of the beauty of your hands and feet. Professional care with spa results awaits you in the catalogue. 

IBD Catalogue

IBD Catalogue 2014

A brand which has been setting standards for nail beautification and gel techniques for decades. Here, you’ll find a catalogue of professional IBD products.

TecnoElletra Crossline Catalogue

TecnoElletra Crossline Catalogue 2016

A brand that always keeps up with technical innovations placed fans with brushless motors that consume less power and produce less noise.

Clean&Easy Catalogue

Clean&Easy Catalogue 2014

The newest catalogue of professional waxing systems, intended for everyone desiring a fast, clean and easy way of hair removal, both in salons and at home.

Gelaze Catalogue

Gelaze Catalogue 2014

 49 of your favorite China Glaze shades turned into a fast drying gel polish with a base coat. Look at the chosen colors comprising the palette of this innovative and long-lasting product.


China Glaze Catalogue

China Glaze Catalogue 2014

In the catalogue of distinctive China Glaze colors, pick your own shade of nail polish, from the brand representing a synonym for a beautiful and high quality manicure. 

Amika Catalogue

Amika Catalogue 2013

The entire plethora of obliphica plant benefits, hidden in originally designed bottles. Find your perfect AMIKA hair styling and care products in this catalogue. 

KYO Catalogue

KYO Catalogue 2014

A new generation of professional ammonia and PPD-free hair colors await you in the KYO catalogue. A nutritive keratin and collagen formula offers a completely new hair dyeing experience.


Ez Flow Catalogue

Ez Flow Catalogue 2014

The newest catalogue of a brand which has, for the last 25 years, been creating supreme nail care products, using the latest technology and following the latest trends of world nail art design.

ARDELL Catalogue

ARDELL Catalogue 2014

 Browse through the catalogue containing over 125 different styles of Ardell lashes, for every event, which are guaranteeing beauty without compromise.


Macadamia Catalogue

Macadamia Catalogue 2014

Professional hair care done with the power of macadamia and argan oils. Browse the catalogue of the cosmetics’ world’s liquid luxury. 

Insight Catalogue

Insight Catalogue 2014

Feel the power of nature in cosmetics products free from paraben, silicon and allergens. The catalogue contains the newest Insight products for you.




Alexandar Cosmetics

It's So Easy Catalogue 2014

The sky’s the limit when it’s so easy to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind nail art designs – the newest catalogue awaits you here.

BodyDrench Catalogue

BodyDrench Catalogue 2014

Quality ingredients that nurture and protect your skin packed in Body Drench products. This is a catalogue of the latest discoveries of the brand with tradition longer than 30 years.

Seche Catalogue

Seche Catalogue 2014

 Enter the world of Seche professional nail care and beauty technology and find out why this brand is the standard bearer of outstanding quality.


Alexandar Cosmetics

Frutique Catalogue 2014

Discover the hydrating power of coconut water. Meet products that nourish and hydrate sensitive skin in the catalog.

Clarissa Catalogue

Clarissa Catalogue 2014

The newest professional products which meet yuour standards  when it comes to beauty of your nails. Made for professionals – available to everyone.


LashBeLong Catalogue

LashBeLong Catalogue 2014

 Take the world’s breath away with eyelash extensions from the LASH BeLong collection. Join the team of supreme experts with the professional products of highest quality available.


Alexandar Cosmetics

IBD Just Gel Catalogue 2014

May your every stroke be a step closer to artwork with IBD gel polish. The newest catalogue opens the door to an entire spectre of intensive colors. 

Alexandar Cosmetics

Professional care and beautification equipment 2014/15

Look pretty and feel confident with the newest products from our offer of renowned brands.

Alexandar Cosmetics

Furniture and salon equipment 2014/15

Meet the highest standards of quality, functionality and aesthetics during the process of refurnishing your hairdressing or cosmetic salon. With our offer, this task becomes pure pleasure.

Salon Equipment

Salon Equipment

The quality you are used to in a modern and innovative design. The latest models of equipment for hairdressing, beauty salons and tattoo studios are waiting for you in the new catalog.