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33mm Quick look
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1.090,00 - 1.450,00 RSD
872,00 - 1.450,00 RSD
Drill Bit Fine Ring SCF24 24pcs Quick look
359,00 RSD
287,00 RSD
Exfoliating Foot Mask ROLANJONA Chamomile 2/1 Quick look
Shading Brush CALA 505 Quick look
549,00 RSD
357,00 RSD
Hair Styling Wax TOTEX Strong Matte 150ml Quick look
Sugar Scrub BE BEAUTY Honey Lavender-Orchid 250ml Quick look
Neck Paper COMAIR Comfort 100 pcs Quick look


Smooth and soft skin

Gel is specially formulated to soften the beard and make shaving easier and more comfortable. Hydrates the skin and protects it during shaving process, for smooth and refreshed appearance. Product does not contain alcohol and is dermatologically tested. Perfect for all skin types and especially for soothing sensitive skin.

Shaving Gel LIDER Majix Sensitive 200ml