STRAIGHTWEAR Smoother 100ml

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MACADAMIA Hair Smoothing Treatment - 100ml

Safely smoothes out curl and frizz by structuring the hair with a workable shield, resulting in gorgeously smooth hair without the damage to your hair or your health.

Formaldehyde-free smoothing formula that eliminates frizz and curl for up to four months while infusing hair with shine, control and beauty.

The groundbreaking StraightWear™ formula by Macadamia offers salon clients up to four months of unprecedented straightening with a tested and certified 100% formaldehyde-free formula. Click here for laboratory certification results.

- Hair reverts to natural texture with no regrowth issues
- Intensifies color with brilliant shine
- Reduces styling time to minutes
- Infuses touchable softness
- Safeguards hair against heat damage, breakage and split ends
- Use after chemical services with confidence


StraightWear Smoother - 100ml

StraightWear™ Smoother's simple one- step application transforms curl and frizz into smooth, silky hair. Our special blend of Macadamia Oil combined with Quinoa Seed, Ginkgo Biloba and other botanical extracts revitalize hair by infusing moisture, strength and unparalleled shine.
These key ingredients work in tandem with memory technology to envelop hair strands with a workable shield that sets the foundation for a perfectly smooth, beautiful finish. Enjoy manageability as styling time is reduced to just minutes.

MACADAMIA StraightWear Treatment

STRAIGHTWEAR Smoother 100ml

STRAIGHTWEAR Smoother 100ml

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